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          We should pay special attention to the thunder of individual stocks, ignoring the details of the market strength, because the small cycle cycle is relatively fast. When the market is strong, individual stocks can't help but continue to thunder. When the market turns into a weak position, Lei will further intensify. The harm of capital allocation to the market is huge, because of the product attribute of capital allocation, high leverage and low threshold, and the people who use capital allocation are not long-term users, which is essentially different from financing. Some of the financing will precipitate, and they will stay in the stock market for a long time. In the long run, the people who use capital allocation will die. Originally, these people can stay in the stock market without capital allocation (even if they are trapped in a short time, they may be unscrambled in the future). However, their money is actually made by the funding companies. I firmly resist capital allocation because it is like a thief in the stock market, and there is no bottom line. Its essence is usury.



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          Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, there are some weak recruitment in the summer, so only Manchester City and Paris can satisfy Messi. In addition, it is said that the possible teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal and Inter are all thinking about it. Guara also mentioned Messi many times in recent years, and recalled the time with Messi and the brilliance of manufacturing together, so from the perspective of guara, he will try his best to promote the deal. Messi's contract with the team will expire in the next summer, because there is a special clause in the contract. In the summer of 2020, Messi can choose to terminate the contract free of charge with Barca. However, the senior management thinks that the time has expired, but if the king of the ball is determined, Barca may give in moderately.

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          At present, the outside world has more expectations for Chelsea. Werner has increased the attacking ability of the front line of Chelsea. This fierce player scored 28 goals last season and is expected to continue the same strong performance this season. Zijesh in the previous warm-up game and Werner's tacit understanding

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