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          The Shanghai stock index continued its narrow range of volatility today, and ended up 0.09% at 3379.49. The highest intraday rise was 3391.07, setting a new stage high again. The recent turnover volume of the two markets was released, with a total turnover of 757 billion yuan. In particular, the unilateral transaction volume of Shenzhen stock market was as high as 432 billion yuan. Most of the industry plate closed down, new energy vehicle concept stocks rose and fell.

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          5. In terms of the overall environment, the biggest reliance of this market is, of course, the expectation of maintaining stability before the important meeting and the regulatory ability of the national team. The biggest hope is that other fields will be hit and funds will continue to flow into the stock market. But the overall disk, or feel hot scattered, no strength. In history, there is a record of shrinking to a new high. Unless there is a bull market, this situation will not last for a long time.

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          Therefore, today's Shenzhen index is relatively real. If it falls, it will fall. Of course, it has a certain relationship with the weight of real estate stocks in the Shenzhen market, because from the situation at the end of last week, the real estate regulatory policies across the country have been increased.

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