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          Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, there are some weak recruitment in the summer, so only Manchester City and Paris can satisfy Messi. In addition, it is said that the possible teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal and Inter are all thinking about it. Guara also mentioned Messi many times in recent years, and recalled the time with Messi and the brilliance of manufacturing together, so from the perspective of guara, he will try his best to promote the deal. Messi's contract with the team will expire in the next summer, because there is a special clause in the contract. In the summer of 2020, Messi can choose to terminate the contract free of charge with Barca. However, the senior management thinks that the time has expired, but if the king of the ball is determined, Barca may give in moderately.


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          Recently, the real estate sector, like Vanke, why can be repeatedly taken out of the periodic speculation? I'm afraid it's still related to the real estate market in the mainland of Hong Kong stocks. This year, the real estate sector of Hong Kong shares has increased by more than 50%, and several leading stocks have even increased more than three times, all of which are concentrated on Evergrande and rongchuang.



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